About Us

This Latin Asian Fusion of solution brewin’ Fun Flooders, is unique all its self. Compared to the feelings of a euphoric energizing coffee experience, Lou Ramirez and Fred Lennartz bring caffeinated culture to an industry needing a jump box jolt of positive power! Both armed force veterans on a mission to serve the automotive industry the values needed to see professionals rise to unknown heights of standard excellence.

These career long best friends are bringing contagious confidence to everyone willing to take a sip. With 5 children between them, Fred with 1, Lou with 4, and nearly combine 4 decades of marriage.

These Solutionary seeking leaders aim to influence businesses, communities, and relationships in ways that bring positive legacy filled fruit. Both seasoned sales & finance strategists that have upshifted, and uplifted the auto industry with their passion to promote positivity. Direct culture creation in dealerships coast to coast, has these two Car Guys, raising up heroes in the industry through multiple flavors of media with their High energy show Car Guy Coffee Podcast. Coupled with their Certified Solutionaries Agency, these guys are here to bring a wake up to the pros, with a consistent dance that’ll keep you smiling! Get You Some, and Let’s See How We Can Help You. Let’s Brew!